Conscious Dancing Life is FUN! An effective and highly enjoyable experience, designed to motivate, empower and inspire you, improve your communication skills, increase empathy and reconnect you with the joy of living. Conscious Dancing Life is MOVEMENT . WELLBEING . CREATIVITY . CONNECTION . COMMUNITY. After all, Life is a dance... At each class, you are encouraged to move spontaneously in your own way to popular music. The environment is energising, and helps to strengthen your sense of personal identity. No steps to learn or previous experience is necessary; I will facilitate and guide you through each session. A Conscious Dancing Life session is funky, rhythmic, musical fun that will have you laughing together, de-stressing, and sharing a great atmosphere that actively helps to build healthy connections to life within yourself and with each other. Over 70% of communication is non-verbal, and Conscious Dancing Life is one of the few places where non-verbal communication skills are practiced and improved. This is a key life skill that will enhance your communication with family, friends, work and within your communities. If you would like to enquire about Conscious Dancing Life sessions please contact: Renata Conscious Dancing Life for Weddings/Special Events / Looking for a unique and powerful experience that your guests will talk about for many years? Contact me. Conscious Dancing Life for Corporate Team Building / Make an appointment to discuss your Company’s exact needs, to design a tailor-made "Conscious Dancing Life" End of Year Celebrations, or a seasonal/monthly team building activities programme.



  Gabi: Ren is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met, just being around her is inspiring. Thank you.

Conscious Dancing Life is absolutely beautiful, the dance, the connection, the love, all of it. Dance nights help me cope with the rest of the week so much easier and happier. Every session is different but each and every one is sooo beautiful and enriching!! Physically, emotionally and spiritually..........feeling the love.


Debi: Conscious Dancing Life, Biodanza and more specifically you have been a huge part of my transformation journey and I'm not sure just how I would have coped without that. You have given me the space and tools I needed to connect with myself while learning to connect with others in a way I never knew how. I thank you for the joy and laughter you have given me. I will definitely be at dancing when I can, as it is a space I will always treasure.


  Tegan: I know a person has created something truly magical when I base my whole world around being able to take part in what that person has created. Thank you for your magic. You inspire me to one day do the same. All my love! Do no harm and take no shit. I’m still feeling very warm and so very grateful - It's like I've learned how to fall in love with life all over again! It's so crazy how only now do I notice that I want to look people in the eye and smile when I pass them in the street. I felt like last night I also popped that bubble of being nervous to connect to others.

Have a beautiful day Ren! May you always walk in sunshine.


♡  Safra: No matter how you feel when you arrive, you will always leave feeling invigorated and alive. Conscious Dancing Life is always fun, always with fabulous people.


  Barbra: What a beautiful and powerful last dance it was. THANK YOU for helping me to integrate my emotions, my life lessons and passions into wholeness - LOVE YOU SO MUCH Lots of fiery fun. ! It is so wonderful to see how young an 83 year old can be on Conscious Dancing Life. Beautiful that this dance can bring all the generations together, with space for everyone to dance as wildly or gently as they wish.


I want to bring my mom next time, I think she will love it too! Thank you Ren, a beautiful music selection as always.


  Alexandra: Ren is a fabulous facilitator- brings the joy of dance alive. Dancers, if you’re someone who responds to a variety of music in your personal authentic way, you have a beautiful experience awaiting you.


  Christel: Ren, you are poetry in motion! What an exciting journey you are embarking on in Ireland! I'm sure you'll inspire many like myself, you are a wild woman I will always remember. Ireland is lucky to have you. I will see you again one day.



Dance Of Life

Bubbling in cauldrons

Of peace, light and laughter

The soup of human kindness

(about playing the meditation bowl during opening meditation at class) I heard it clearly through my almost perfect pitch. When you generated the tone, it created a moment of sheer power and light that entered the consciousness of everyone in the room and was instantly transported through us to the millions of interconnections that we represent in this world and beyond. Brilliant! That is why the energy was so heartily embracing and alchemic tonight. Thank you for creating a space where the journeys of all dancers meet and go into harmony. Awesomeness!


Joey: Thank you ...Ren , you are such a lovely person so glad I joined your Conscious Dancing Life group with such lovely people.


  Beth: I love the work you do, your energy and love expands from you onto all that join your dances!


  Emma: Fabulous session last night. As you say there is always something for everyone. For me it is the most amazing opportunity to explore so many aspects of myself – who I am – physically, emotionally and a safe and wonderful space.


  Fatima: You are a fantastic person. I am feeling positive with you and with our lessons, AND you make us smile. You are amazing Ren.


  Dominique: You have a rather mystical way of invoking and inspiring hope. As much as the class allows for contact and interconnection, and despite the fact that I sometimes utilize this invitation; what I enjoy most is the space to explore my own personal movement. It is cathartic to actually dance in oneness with the person who I have the closest and the most intimate relationship with... myself. Because for a few minutes it isn't about what is required, expected, needed, or suggested. For a few minutes it's just about me, and my ability to reach inside myself- deeply inside- and to pull from within the light and passion into the rest of the world, channelling healing in my own being and resonating it to others. This is the gift.


  Ellie: It has been a wonderful journey these past few years learning the steps to freedom through releasing stresses from the body, visualizing scenes and expressing them through movement. It will be a technique I will use whenever I can, for myself and with others. Thank you Ren for this invaluable journey through dance. Your consistent training is invaluable and gratefully received. Monday's will never be the same again!


  Sandra: Hi Ren, precious you - Quite something yesterday, what you were saying in the circle, about focusing, putting energy on the what’s closest and most important to us… and not diluting that energy with giving attention to negative thoughts, annoyances. It gave me an answer to something I was of in the midst of and felt almost like in a cloud of clarity, perspective. Thank you for just being you! Big embrace, much love.